Bible-Discovery 2.5.1

A bible study program that includes 50 translations

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    Windows 8 / Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows XP

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If you want access to more than 50 different translations of the Bible and a great Bible study tool, the Bible-Discovery software will be an invaluable tool. This Java-based application is available for download as both a JAR Java file and a Windows EXE file. It is available for both Mac and Windows. The benefit of using this software is that it opens almost instantaneously.

Features for Bible-Discovery include customizable font size, bookmark handling, biblical text importing pane and a comparative Bible read feature. The one aspect to understand is that the 50 translations are not included in the download. However, you can download them from the developer website and get an extra 10 dictionaries.

Bible-Discovery offers user friendly controls; the menus are clearly placed, and you have a ton of options. The only downside is that it can be somewhat buggy when switching back to the desktop. This is because the Java remnants become visible on your screen. Additionally, some people may find it irritating to download each translation separately. However, since most people only want one or two translations, it will only annoy some people.

This software provides you with an advanced search tool that allows you to look up any verse in the Bible. As opposed to finding it the old fashioned way, this makes it much easier to get to where you want.

Bible-Discovery allows you full ability to study the Bible while taking notes. It also lets you save verses and compare the different translations. One disadvantage of using this software is that the clipboard fails to copy more than one verse at a time. This software provides you with a larger toolbox for studying and analyzing the Bible. The software helps to deepen your experience with God.

If you are looking to discover the great treasures within the Bible, one of the benefits is that deeper study gives you a larger understanding of it. Theodore Roosevelt once said that a thorough knowledge of the Bible was worth more than a college education. The further you go into the wisdom, the more that you find that there is always another layer of depth.

What makes this software easy to use is that specific chapters and verses can be selected easily. You can also access this text in numerous reading languages including: German, French, Spanish, Hungarian, Romanian and English. You will find the modern English translations to be in NASB: New American Standard Bible and NASB+. Another reason to check out this software is that it is freeware and have nothing to lose by trying it out. Additionally, the maps are more lively than what you would get with a book because you can use Google Maps to view the historic locations.


  • For those looking to understand and deepen their knowledge of this beloved text, Bible-Discovery provides a lightweight and easy-to-use software.
  • 50 available translations
  • Available for both Windows and Macs


  • The Java-based software can be buggy
  • You have to download each translation separately.

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